AXIS™ Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope (Reverse Deflection)


$1,147.73 $2,400.00
The Dornier AXIS™ Single-Use Digital Ureteroscope provides every patient a sterile, clean scope with a clear view – every time.

Reduce cross-contamination risk and eliminate reprocessing costs with a disposable ureteroscope that helps bring quality care to the next level. Use the Dornier AXIS™ every time, for a clean and clear scope at an affordable value.

more info:

- 275° degree deflection
- 2.5X more imaging pixels versus current single-use competitor
- High pixel count for clear and sharp image
- Traditional look and feel in a lightweight ergonomic design
- Straight access port for fiber and accessories with adjustable seal
- Excellent column strength at 8.5F OD
- Integrated irrigation port
- 3.6F working channel

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