SKU: MAG10225


Designed with the patient in mind, the Magellan™ Access Sheath provides a seamless path for the introduction and use of multiple instruments during challenging urological procedures. Urologists can navigate through anatomical structures with ease. 




Magellan Access Sheath features a lubricious hydrophilic-coated dilator and sheath for ease of placement.

Delivery over guidewires up to 0.038” under direct visualization or fluoroscopically.

Magellan facilitates passage of compatible ureteroscopes: 12F Sheath will accept up to a 10F scope, 14F Sheath will accept up to a 12F scope.

Magellan distal tapered tip provides a gradual transition between dilator and sheath for a smooth insertion.

Pair the Magellan™ with Dornier’s line of AXIS™ Single-Use Ureteroscopes and accompanying accessories/disposables for an integrated and comprehensive approach to stone treatment cases.

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