The Dornier Relax+® is a transportable, motorized multifunctional table for endourology and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL®).

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The modular design and the comprehensive range of available accessories allows the table to be configured into an endourological workstation.
This multifunctional capability ensures an easy transition from the lithotomy position to the ESWL® position without the need for patient transfer.
As a lithotripsy table, the Dornier Relax+® provides quick and easy patient positioning due to the wide range of table movement.
The exchangeable, radiolucent table sections enhance X-ray imaging and provide treatment flexibility from both sides of the table.
With the ability to visualize the entire urinary tract and the variety of available accessories, the Dornier Relax+ is ideal for a wide range of procedures.

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