Lead Vest available in a range of sizes



Take all measurements with a cloth measuring tape.
Take all measurements over clothing the user will be wearing under the apron.
User should not attempt to take their own measurements - an assistant should record the measurement.
Chest measurement - should be taken at the fullest point around the chest, while arms are at rest by the user’s sides. Please note, a female’s brassiere size or a male’s suit size should not be used for this measurement.
Some apron patterns are cut for specific genders. In these instances, if users of various genders will be sharing aprons, plan to select the specific gender of the wearer(s) to ensure the best protection/fit.
Once all measurements have been taken, compare these to the details listed on the item detail page to find the best fit.
If it is determined that a user in between sizes, consider the larger size.
Garments that are too big may be able to be made smaller, however garments that are too small can never be made larger.

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