Dornier MedTech presents the Medilas® Solvo® H35, the world’s most powerful 35 watt Holmium Laser. This advanced laser builds on the industry leading Solvo franchise and the pulse of new technology.


With its unique pulse shape, the patented Advanced Mode reduces stone movement during lithotripsy and eases targeting of the stone with the laser fiber, helping to reduce patient treatment time
Dusting, fragmenting and three other treatment modes offer clinically proven parameters, including pulse length, for efficient treatment, and quick and simple selection—with just a touch of a button
A clearly arranged graphic display plus an optional second display ensure optimal viewing from every angle in the operating room
A wireless footswitch for greater flexibility with no cable length to accommodate, and no cables underfoot for improved workplace safety
Compatible with the full complement of Dornier laser fibers, to meet your needs and preferences
Small, quiet, lightweight and easy to move
Large storage compartment for accessories

Six application modes for stone management and soft tissue application

Advanced Mode®
Dornier offers the only patented Advanced Mode Technology for reduced stone retropulsion. Dornier’s Advanced Mode creates a water chasm effect that channels laser energy directly to the surface of the stone.
Dusting Mode
Destroys stones by creating dust particles to pass naturally, eliminating the need for stone fragment recovery.
Fragmenting Mode
Fragments hard and larger stones without dust reissued for complete removal of stone fragments with recovery instruments.
Soft Tissue Mode
Optimizes energy parameters for cutting and coagulation.
Single Pulse Mode
Transmits single energy for challenging treatment situations.
Standard Mode
Treats many situations with customization of parameter settings.
Included with purchase: Wireless Foot switch, 220V Power Cable, (2) Laser Warning Sign, (3) Sport Fit Laser Safety Glasses

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